Demand Side Flexibility

Frequency Response

How it works

When faults such as large generator failures occur, they send a shockwave through the grid that causes the frequency to drop which can lead to a power system blackout. Highly renewable power systems are more susceptible to this threat as renewable energy from wind and solar do not provide the same level of grid stability as fossil-fuel based generation. As a result, grid operators often rely on maintaining a certain percentage of fossil-fuel generation to ensure the stability of the power system. This requirement imposes a limit on the amount of renewable energy that can be used and results in excess renewable energy being wasted.

However, large commercial and industrial electricity customers can generate revenue for providing this stability by agreeing to reduce their electricity consumption by non-critical equipment for brief periods when such faults occur. This can help to quickly restore balance to the power system, reducing the amount of fossil-fuel generation needed to ensure power system stability. This in turn allows greater amounts of renewable energy to be used. 

At VIOTAS, our market-leading Frequency Response technology, VIO Link, reduces the time it takes your equipment to respond to power system needs from minutes to just milliseconds by monitoring the state of the grid 8,000 times per second. By responding faster, our customers can earn more.


Demand Response

How it works

When consumption on the grid peaks throughout the year, increasingly expensive generation is required to meet demand, raising the cost of electricity for customers.

By taking part in Demand Response, large commercial and industrial electricity customers become active participants in the electricity market.  Participating customers earn revenue for agreeing to shut-down or reduce non-critical electrical equipment for brief periods when required by the electricity market. This helps to balance the power system while minimising the need to use more expensive fossil fuel generation to meet demand peaks. 

Through our technology, your business can participate in Demand Response and reduce the need for physical power plants on the power system. Like building new power plants, Demand Response increases the capacity of the power system but does so without pouring an ounce of concrete or erecting a single pylon. Your participation in Demand Response will result in payments to your business from the Market Operator.



Customer Journey

Our technical experts have a comprehensive process to evaluate your business from initial engagement all the way to market participation.  Our process ensures that our technology is configured to meet the needs of your business and maximise your earning potential with minimal impact on your operations.

  • Initial Engagement 

    With the VIOTAS technical sales team 

  • Technical Discovery 

    Meeting to understand your business 

  • Desktop Study

    Analysis of market participation opportunities 

  • Preliminary Proposal 

    Meeting to discuss the preliminary proposal 

  • Site Visit

    Carry out an on-site engineering assessment 

  • Install & Commission 

    Install VIOTAS Gridware solution 

  • Market Compliance Testing 

    Complete market compliance testing 

  • Market Participation 

    Actively participate in the energy market  

  • Receive Payments 

    Remuneration for providing power system support 


Balancing the power system

Facilitating more renewable energy

Monthly payment from Market Operator

How To Participate

Does your large commercial or industrial business have onsite back-up generation or non-critical equipment that can have its electricity consumption reduced for brief periods without compromising your business?

Suitable equipment may include air conditioning, ventilation, electric heating, water chillers, fans, pumps, and other interruptible loads.

If so, get in touch with our technical sales team to begin your VIOTAS journey with a technical discovery meeting.

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