Flexible energy management that makes commercial sense

Move your business from being a passive consumer of electricity to an active contributor.

Demand Response

Additional revenue streams for your business for participating in the power system.

Frequency Response

Leading frequency response technology, expect the fastest and most reactive response times in the market.

24/7 Support​

Always-on services and site support through our in-house Network Operations Center.

Market-leading Demand and Frequency Response technologies and services

VIOTAS ground-breaking technologies enable commercial and industrial electricity consumers to become active participants in the electricity system and create additional revenue streams, simply for providing grid support when it’s needed. 

Thanks to VIO Link, our advanced demand response technology, your business can access the fastest and most lucrative market products and future proof against greater demand response performance requirements.

Our unified solutions and eco-system mean that everything works in harmony and we react faster to market requirements, seizing commercial opportunities sooner for our customers and providing greater energy reliability and stability.

24/7 Support

Fully Managed

Fast Response


Improved Reporting