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Participate in a more renewable and sustainable future

The metals and mining sector is one of the most energy intensive industries in the world. Scale of operations is integral to profitability, with energy an essential and significant cost. Increasingly strict emission and sustainability requirements are driving the industry to zero-carbon mining, meaning smart energy consumption and management can be critical to commercial success.

Large energy users in this industry are increasingly providing grid frequency and balancing services through Demand Response. Ramping down large electrical loads such as induction heaters or electric furnaces for a few minutes, can bring in significant revenue without sacrificing large amounts of production time. Alternatively, processes which can be interrupted for short durations are also ideal sources to provide Security of Supply for the national power system via Demand Response services. Example processes include stripping overburden, pumping, aeration and processing. 

Participation in Demand Response services supports a grid-wide increase in renewable generation and is a tangible demonstration of a commitment and contribution towards a more renewable and sustainable future, all while lowering the cost of energy for the business.

How it works

Our specialist team will expertly plan, implement, roll-out and support your participation in the electricity market.

How it works 1b

VIOTAS onboards and tests your suitable sites.

Our expert team will onboard and test your sites with minimal interruption.​

How it works 2b

Join the energy market and play your part in supporting renewable energy and offsetting carbon emissions.​

When the grid requires Demand or Frequency Response support, VIOTAS enables your sites to participate.

How it works 3b

Get paid for supporting the grid in times of need.​

Monthly payments with no CAPEX or OPEX investments.

24/7 Support

Fully Managed

Fast Response


Improved Reporting

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Fully Managed Demand Response

Our highly experienced engineers will help leverage and optimise your metal & mining site’s existing assets for Demand Response participation. We have a proven track record of creating bespoke solutions for a wide variety of large-scale energy intensive users and can deploy across multiple sites if required. Expect end-to-end expert support every step of the way. 

VIOTAS technology gathers insights and highlights where improvements can be made.  Our team will review your site’s energy usage, and quickly develop an overview of your current and future electricity needs in the context of your sustainability and revenue goals.

Examples of how our customers participate

Mining & Quarrying

Data Centres

Cold Store



Food & Dairy

Water Treatment



Energy represents a tremendous improvement opportunity for mining companies since savings derived from more proactive energy management are inextricably linked to energy management.

Energy and the Mining Industry report, Deloitte

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