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We Balance Power

Using technology to democratise energy and enable a sustainable future, we enable commercial electricity customers to get paid by actively supporting the reliability, security and stability of national electricity grids.


Our team is truly passionate about enabling a low carbon future, through developing the most advanced gridware technologies

Dr. Paddy Finn, VIOTAS CEO & CTO

Our clients can provide more power to the grid than some of the country’s main power stations.

Our clients can provide more power to the grid than some of the country’s main power stations.

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Our Vision

Innovation to drive transformation.

VIOTAS was born from a desire and drive to lead the development of smart grid technology and accelerate the use of renewable energy worldwide. We are passionate about finding ways to enable a global low carbon future through developing the most advanced and innovative technologies.

Meet the Leadership Team

VIOTAS is led by a senior team of industry experts focused on developing and delivering smart grid solutions to accelerate the use of renewable energy worldwide and create earning opportunities for our clients.


Paddy Finn

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Commercial Director​

Duncan O’Toole

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Director of Innovation

Rob Flanagan

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Director of International Operations

Mark Gilsenan

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Senior Management

Innovative. Positive. Proactive.

Claire Normoyle

HR Manager View Bio

Adam Miarka

Head of Embedded Development View Bio

Eoin Sweeney

Head of Market Operations View Bio

John O’Donovan

Head of Software Engineering View Bio

Jon Sedgwick

Head of VIOTAS Ireland View Bio

Seán Finn

Head of VIO NOC View Bio

Seán Moran

Head of Field Operations View Bio

Paul Moore

Head of VIOTAS Australia View Bio

Management Team in Australia

Meet the driving force behind VIOTAS’ innovative energy solutions in Australia

Amelia Bennett

Market Operations Manager View Bio

Rohan Cannon

Field Operations Manager View Bio

Murray Christie

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Andrew Ely

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VIO Link

Our world-leading high-speed Metering & Control Device

As a modular IoT metering and control system, VIO Link provides automatic monitoring of electric grid health for the delivery of high-speed frequency response system services.

VIO Link Power Meter produces high-resolution and high-accuracy frequency data and works in conjunction with Relay module to deliver a response to a frequency disturbance on the grid in less than 100 milliseconds. The advanced Multi-Constellation Satellite timing implemented in the system means that frequency and power readings across a portfolio of devices can be easily combined to give a comprehensive picture of the grid state and an accurate measurement of availability and response.

The system has built-in algorithms monitoring device health and implemented procedures for self-recovery in the rare case of a fault. The Gateway module enables secure connectivity through Wi-Fi, LTE and Ethernet. This facilitates installations across a large range of site types and locations. The VIO Link was developed based on our extensive experience in using commercially available solutions and understanding the limitations that such solutions had in operating in the newer Fast Frequency Ancillary Services being introduced to facilitate higher non-synchronous generation.

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The Story Behind VIOTAS


Our History

2023: Celebrating 10 Years

A decade of innovation & growth

Transformed virtual power plants in Ireland

Aided Irish grid in utilising 11GWh of wind energy

Double Australian clients’ revenue overnight with R1S

Secured first US Patents


Our History

2022: Team Grows to 100

VIOTAS welcomed our 100th team member

New sites in all mainland states in Australia

VIOTAS supports the Irish grid 2x as much vs 2021

Patents granted on VIO Link hardware


Our History

2021: Poland

VIOTAS Innovation establishes hub in Krakow, Poland​

Go-Live in Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM)​

Team grows to 78 to support international expansion​


Our History

2020: Australia

VIOTAS Australia is launched

50+ team, more jobs announced

Electricity Exchange becomes VIOTAS

Demand response portfolio exceeds 150MW in Ireland


Our History

2019: Ireland’s Fastest

Named Ireland’s fastest growing tech company at Deloitte Fast 50 Awards​

Demand Response portfolio exceeds 100MW in Ireland


Our History

2018: EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

Featured as Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

Contracted to provide frequency response as part of Ireland’s new DS3 System Services

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Our History

2017: Blink of an Eye​

VIO Link technology demonstrates market-leading frequency response capability, helping to balance Ireland’s power system faster than you can blink your eye​

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Our History

2016: More Green Please!​

Newly launched Eco Boost service boosts customer demand to reduce curtailment when there is an over-supply of renewable energy​

Entered into a joint venture with Bord na Móna

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Our History

2015: Looking Forward​

R&D programme puts consumers at the centre of solving technical challenges posed by high levels of renewable energy on power grids​

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Our History

2014: Go-Live!​

Began trading in the electricity market with 3 top tier clients delivering 4 MW of capacity

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Our History

2013: Our Story Begins​

Founded in Limerick, Ireland by Paddy Finn and Duncan O’Toole​

Team of 4 in a 3m x 3m office set out to redefine the State of the Art in Smart Grid Technology