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Increased energy efficiencies and new revenue streams

The food and beverage industry faces constant change. Growing market demands, supply chain challenges and increased energy, labour and material costs all contribute to an increasing need to find efficiencies and strategies that allow businesses to remain profitable and competitive. In addition, consumers expect sustainability commitments from brands and products, adding additional complexity and cost to food and beverage production. 

As an industry that typically relies on energy-intensive assets, many F&B businesses are taking the opportunity to move from being energy consumers, into energy suppliers, and benefitting through Demand Response revenue streams and improved sustainability results.

Typical industry production and storage assets – compressors, refrigeration, heating – are ideal energy sources to supply energy back to the grid via Demand Response services. By becoming active participants in the energy market, food and beverage organisations are enabling more renewable energy to be consumed across the grid, all while benefiting from a new revenue stream for the business. 

Demand Response Industrial

Fully Managed Demand Response

Our highly experienced engineers will help leverage and optimise your site’s existing assets for Demand Response participation. We have a proven track record of creating bespoke solutions for time and energy sensitive businesses and can deploy across multiple sites if required. Expect end-to-end expert support every step of the way.

VIOTAS technology gathers insights and highlights where improvements can be made.  Our team will review your site’s energy usage, and quickly develop an overview of your current and future electricity needs in the context of your sustainability and revenue goals.

How it works

Our specialist team will expertly plan, implement, roll-out and support your participation in the electricity market.

How it works 1b

VIOTAS onboards and tests your suitable sites.

Our expert team will onboard and test your sites with minimal interruption.​

How it works 2b

Join the energy market and play your part in supporting renewable energy and offsetting carbon emissions.​

When the grid requires Demand or Frequency Response support, VIOTAS enables your sites to participate.

How it works 3b

Get paid for supporting the grid in times of need.​

Monthly payments with no CAPEX or OPEX investments.

24/7 Support

Fully Managed

Fast Response


Improved Reporting

Examples of how our customers participate

Mining & Quarrying

Data Centres

Cold Store



Food & Dairy

Water Treatment


Food Processing

Our growing sites employ the most environmentally advanced initiatives, including extensive use of recyclable growing mediums and a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) unit used to produce CO2 and heat to help grow our crops. Participation in Demand Response with our CHP unit was an obvious next step for Keelings.

VIOTAS offered the flexibility we needed to ensure business continuity, now we’re benefiting by further enhancing our sustainability mission and receiving a constant revenue from the electricity market for doing so.

Andrew Wilson, Managing Director, Keelings Farms

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