Always-On Services and Site Support

24/7 operations team monitors and protects.

An integral part of VIOTAS HQ in Ireland, our VIO NOC operations team is on call to deliver your 24/7 utility market operations across multiple time zones.

VIO NOC provides a broad range of always-on Network Operation Centre (NOC) services including grid-scale battery management, out-of-hours electricity market interfacing, generation asset dispatching, and site support.

By choosing VIOTAS as your Demand Response provider, your business can leverage the extensive energy market experience of our VIO NOC operations team to optimise your Demand Response participation.

VIO NOC works in tandem with your team and the VIOTAS Innovation R&D team, to develop the best technical solutions for your business and manage real-time and near-time demands, to seamlessly link into the power system.


How we help

Grid-Scale Battery Management

Site Support, as required

Out-of-Hours Scheduling & Dispatching of Generation Assets

Extensive Regulations Understanding & Compliance

Dedicated Communications with Market Operator

Our generation export profile has changed considerably on a number of our sites since we started working with VIOTAS over 6 years ago. VIOTAS proposed and developed new solutions to ensure we are maximising our revenue from the Energy, Capacity and System Service markets at each of our sites.

Donal O’Cinneide, General Manager
Bioverda Power Systems

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