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When additional electricity generation is required to meet demand, your business can be part of the solution

By being flexible with electricity consumption through Demand and Frequency Response services, large commercial and industrial electricity customers become active participants in the electricity market and get paid.  

Participating businesses earn revenue for agreeing to reduce or shut down electrical equipment for brief periods when required by the electricity market. This helps balance the power system and minimises the Market Operator’s need to use more expensive fossil fuel generation to meet demand peaks. 

With VIOTAS market-leading technology, your participation in Demand and Frequency Response can result in optimum payments for your business from the Market Operator.

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Faster Response Equals Higher Payments

Some market payments will reward your business for responding as quickly as possible, for short periods of time. If your business has electrical loads such as HVAC, chillers, compressors, etc. that can be turned off instantly, even if only for a few seconds, then your site can potentially provide the required fast response times and get paid based on speed of response. 

VIOTAS market-leading Frequency Response technology, VIO Link, reduces the time it takes your equipment to respond to power system needs from minutes to milliseconds by monitoring the grid 8,000 times per second. For responding faster, VIOTAS customers are positioned to receive the highest rates of payments for Fast Frequency Response.

Discuss revenue opportunities

I see two clear benefits for Mannok participating in Demand Side Flexibility services with VIOTAS. Firstly, it supports our Corporate Social Responsibility goals. Secondly, it delivers a significant revenue for the business that can be used to deliver more sustainability and efficiency projects internally. Our partnership with VIOTAS was made easy by a very open and transparent contracting process, led by VIOTAS’s Commercial Director

Dara O’Reilly
Chief Financial Officer, Mannok

How much revenue can your business expect to earn?

Our team will help you calculate a realistic figure of how much potential revenue your business can expect from participating in Demand & Frequency Response. Get in touch to find out how much additional earnings your business may be missing out on.


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How much generation have you on site?

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