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Electricity grid demands and stability are dependent on a culmination of factors. When faults such as large generator failures occur for example, they can send out a shockwave causing frequency drops which could result in power system blackouts. 

Highly renewable power systems are more susceptible to faults and threats, as renewable energy from wind and solar do not provide the same level of grid stability as fossil-fuel based generation. As a result, grid operators often rely on maintaining a certain percentage of fossil-fuel generation to ensure the stability of the power system. This requirement imposes a limit on the amount of renewable energy that can be used and results in excess renewable energy being wasted.

However, large commercial and industrial electricity customers can step-in and provide the missing stability by reducing their electricity consumption for brief periods when required. This flexibility helps quickly restore balance to the power system, reducing the amount of fossil-fuel generation needed to ensure grid stability, and allowing greater amounts of renewable energy to be consumed. 

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Participate in Sustainable Energy Practices

Large commercial and industrial electricity customers can become active participants in the electricity market.

Participating customers who agree to shut down or reduce non-critical electrical equipment for brief periods when required by the electricity market, help balance the power system while minimising the need to use more expensive fossil fuel generation to meet demand peaks. 

Through VIOTAS advanced technologies, your business can easily participate in Demand Response and help reduce the need for physical power plants on the power system. Demand Response increases the capacity of national grids but does so without pouring an ounce of concrete or erecting a single pylon. Your participation in Demand Response will result in payments to your business from the Market Operator and a more sustainable, greener grid.

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Participation in Demand Response with our CHP unit was an obvious next step for Keelings. VIOTAS offered the flexibility we needed to ensure business continuity, now we’re benefiting by further enhancing our sustainability mission and receiving a constant revenue from the electricity market for doing so.

Andrew Wilson
Managing Director, Keelings Farms
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