Mon, 27th Jul 2020

Northern Ireland Continues Decarbonisation

It is commendable to see publication of the first ever Tomorrow’s Energy Scenarios for Northern Ireland –

In its analysis, SONI Ltd, the Electricity Transmission System Operator for Northern Ireland, identifies three credible pathways for power system transformation in Northern Ireland – Modest Progress, Addressing Climate Change, and Accelerated Ambition, which respectively see 60%, 70% & 80% of electricity from renewables by 2030.

Under either of those scenarios, Northern Ireland would continue its exemplary power system decarbonisation trajectory which saw it achieve its 40% electricity from renewables target a year early, in 2019.

Also noteworthy is that the report emphasises the requirement for grid flexibility “to ensure variable renewable generation can be integrated into the electricity system in a secure and efficient manner”, specifically referring to Demand Side Flexibility and battery storage.

With this publication, there is now some alignment, across the island of Ireland, between the future transmission network plans of the two system operators, which can only augment the continued harmonised operations of the co-joined systems!