LGI - VIOTAS Case Study- Unlocking the BESS value stack
Mon, 27th May 2024

Unlocking the BESS value stack

Customer Background

Established in 2009, LGI is a 100% Australian-based and operated leader in carbon abatement, committed to advancing a clean energy and zero-carbon future. With a vision to engineer a sustainable world, LGI is dedicated to expediting the transition to renewable energy sources. They achieve their mission by delivering reliable, effective, and commercially viable clean energy and low-carbon solutions for their customers. Specialising in extracting biogas from landfills, LGI converts this resource to both abate carbon and create dispatchable, renewable power.

The Challenge

LGI operates biogas generators to provide carbon abatement and renewable energy solutions at landfill sites across Queensland (QLD) and New South Wales (NSW). In 2024, their Bunya project was upgraded to create a renewable hybrid by adding a grid-connected Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). This enables dispatchable power to be stored and then exported to the network and consumers when it is most needed. Using the new BESS to provide Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) was an important component of the business case.
Participating in FCAS offers LGI a new valuable revenue stream from both the Raise and Lower FCAS Markets for their Bunya renewable hybrid project.

This participation not only enhances revenue but also supports the integration of more renewables into the national electricity market, which aligns with LGI’s mission to expedite the transition to renewables with clean energy, lower carbon solutions. A key challenge was to ensure that the BESS was able to optimise value and benefits from Energy and Services provided to the grid.

L-R: Seán Moran – Head of Field Operations VIOTAS, Paddy Finn – VIOTAS CEO and CTO, Matthew Tap – LGI Innovation and Development Manager, Jarryd Doran – LGI CEO, Murray Christie – VIOTAS Technical Development Manager, Adam Castillo – VIOTAS Project Engineer

The Solution

LGI collaborated with VIOTAS to scope and implement a solution that leverages VIO Link, VIOTAS’s market-leading technology, enhancing the BESS installed at the Bunya site for FCAS participation and revenue generation. This partnership was a natural fit, as both companies share a commitment to supporting and enabling the Renewable Energy Transition and are at the forefront of innovation in terms of flexible generation and storage. The collaboration involved VIOTAS’s in-house innovation and engineering teams working closely with LGI to develop and deploy this tailored solution. As an active Market Participant, VIOTAS possesses the expertise to unlock market revenues and effectively manage market participation risks on behalf of LGI.

Our vendor-agnostic approach also ensures seamless integration with the technology selected by LGI. The implementation featured VIOTAS’s VIO Link monitoring and control technology, which is integral to managing the BESS’s response to FCAS events and its overall participation in FCAS markets.

This strategic deployment underscores the innovative approach of both companies in integrating advanced technological solutions to support sustainable energy initiatives.

The Result

Within just a few months, the teams at LGI and VIOTAS efficiently identified the requirements and engineered a solution to unlock FCAS revenue for LGI using VIO Link technology. In March 2024, VIOTAS successfully registered the LGI Bunya site into the FCAS Raise and Lower Markets. This registration underscores the project’s alignment with sustainable energy goals and showcases the potential for financial gains through participating in FCAS markets. The partnership has also resulted in a standardised BESS solution that is applicable other sites in LGI’s growing portfolio, indicating potential for wider application.

This scalability demonstrates the utility and market appeal of the solution. As a result, VIOTAS is tapping into a growing market with clients like LGI. The success at the Bunya site showcases the effectiveness of VIOTAS’s VIO Link technology in the renewable energy sector, setting a foundation for future projects and supporting the industry’s shift towards sustainable energy solutions.

“VIOTAS have come at this project with the exact same mindset that our team looked for which is what’s the solution we’re trying to solve and what’s the best way to offer customer service. I couldn’t speak more highly of the way that their team have come about it and I look forward
to how we can work with them on future projects as well.”

Jarryd Doran

“The performance from VIOTAS through this partnership has been amazing. They’ve been able to work with us in ensuring that we get the best outcomes from this project and future projects”

Matthew Tap
Innovation and Development Manager LGI