Wed, 18th Oct 2023

VIOTAS Customers in Australia Participate in Very Fast FCAS Market from Day One

On October 9th, AEMO launched its new Very Fast FCAS. 

VIOTAS, a pioneering Smart Grid technology provider in the Australian energy landscape, is pleased to announce that our entire customer base has been actively participating in the new Very Fast FCAS market since the first trading interval on October 9th. While it has been in operation for just over a week, early indications suggest that this new service will significantly increase revenues for participants in the FCAS market.

Australia’s energy sector is undergoing a profound transformation with the introduction of two dynamic Contingency FCAS markets: Very Fast Raise and Very Fast Lower. Operating with sub-1-second response times, these markets present a unique opportunity for Australian companies to play a central role in safeguarding the integrity of the electricity grid. VIOTAS have actively engaged in the consultation process of Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), contributing to the development of the innovative FCAS Service.  

VIOTAS’s Frequency Response service offers Australian companies the strategic advantage of contributing to grid stability and facilitating the renewable energy transition while reaping substantial financial benefits. In the past, rapid frequency response opportunities were mainly restricted to utility battery storage systems, given their complex technical demands. However, VIOTAS is breaking the barriers by providing its clients with access through a unique proprietary technology. This innovative approach allows customers to utilise the natural flexibility of their electricity usage, transforming it into a financial benefit by participating in the latest revenue opportunities within AEMO. 


VIOTAS is dedicated to advancing sustainability in the Australian energy sector. Our Frequency Response service empowers local companies to actively contribute to grid stability while promoting cost-effective energy management and achieving substantial financial benefits” said Prof. Paddy Finn – CEO & CTO of VIOTAS  

As our solution is capable of responding in less than 150ms, all our customers were able to participate in this newer service without any changes on site. This is something we committed to our clients and it’s great that we can deliver this lucrative service so seamlessly.” 

Prof. Finn further elaborated on the VIO Link system, emphasizing that VIO Link system offers millisecond-level response times. This enables our customers to seamlessly transition to the new, higher-speed services without requiring any hardware upgrades, allowing them to readily participate in upcoming services that demand even faster response times. 

Key Features of VIOTAS’s Frequency Response Service for the Australian Market: 

Australian companies interested in playing a proactive role in the evolving energy landscape and realising substantial financial benefits are encouraged to contact VIOTAS immediately to explore the advantages of our Frequency Response service tailored for the Australian market. Discover how your organisation can become an essential contributor to grid stability, financial prosperity, and sustainability. 

VIOTAS is a prominent participant in the global energy market, specializing in smart electricity management and demand/frequency response services. With a dedicated team of experts operating in Australia, VIOTAS aims to support sustainable and renewable energy usage while fostering economic growth for Australian partners. With VIOTAS, you are not just a client, you are a dynamic market participant poised to contribute to and benefit from the very pulse of Australia’s energy evolution. Welcome to a smarter, more responsive energy future! 

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