Sat, 12th Dec 2020

VIOTAS International Expansion

Electricity Exchange is delighted to announce that it has rebranded as VIOTAS.  This rebrand coincides with the expansion of the company beyond the shores of Ireland. VIOTAS has opened its first international office in Melbourne, Australia where it will be extending its proven technology and services to commercial and industrial customers across Australia, enabling them to become active participants in Australia’s drive to reduce its reliance on fossil-fueled generation sources.

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Having developed market-leading solutions that served Ireland’s power system as it adopted ever greater quantities of renewable energy in its pursuit of a low-carbon energy system, the company is now embarking on an international expansion that will see it bring its technology and services to power systems around that world that face similar challenges of efficiently balancing electricity demand and supply as quantities of variable renewable energy increase.

To support this expansion, the company has been growing its headcount, doubling in number since the start of 2020. This has taken place against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, over the next 3 years, it plans to hire an additional 60 staff to support this growth. These jobs will span an array of roles, including software developers, electrical engineers, shift operators, sales, and support staff.

Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan TD, in welcoming the development said, “Creating a low carbon future is crucial not only for Ireland but for the global community.  It is encouraging to see an Irish company like VIOTAS creating innovative ways to lower our carbon footprint while increasing employment in the renewable energy sector in Ireland and assisting other countries to further facilitate the use of renewable energy.”

VIOTAS was founded in 2013 in Limerick, with a mission to enable zero-carbon power systems by harnessing the flexibility of electricity loads to accelerate the use of renewable energy on the wider power system. The company’s services lead to a reduction in the continued reliance on fossil fuel generation to balance renewable generation by instead contracting large electricity consumers to provide this balancing function and other, higher-value services that ensure the reliability and security of the power system. Reducing the proportion of power reserved for fossil fuel generation in-turn increases the share of zero-carbon renewable generation that can be used on the power system. The company’s grid balancing capability has grown to be comparable in size to Ireland’s largest peat fuelled power plant but, as this is delivered through the aggregation of flexible electricity customers, it was built without pouring an ounce of concrete or erecting a single pylon.

“Our services are underpinned by our best-in-class technology that is designed from the ground up to meet the challenges associated with integrating increasing amounts of renewable energy onto the power system. We are a company that looks towards the future, and Australia, a country whose coat of arms symbolises moving forward, never backwards, clearly shares our view of the world. We are excited to deliver our services to commercial and industrial clients in Australia to help facilitate the use of more renewable energy on the wider power system in a way that retains value in the economy.”  Paddy Finn, Co-Founder, CEO & CTO, VIOTAS

Specialising in the development of technologies that enable large electricity consumers to provide critical balancing services to the power system while earning revenue, VIOTAS will continue delivering its leading-edge Demand Response (DR) services to commercial and industrial electricity consumers in Ireland, as well as extending those services to similar customers across Australia.