Thu, 30th Nov 2023

VIOTAS Joins Forces in Pioneering Collaboration to Propel Sustainable Energy Solutions

VIOTAS is thrilled to be part of a ground-breaking collaboration with ArrabawnRedoxBlox, and Climeaction. Together, we are spearheading efforts to propel sustainable energy solutions and tackle the challenges of decarbonisation.

In a historic move marking a significant step forward in renewable energy utilisation in the food and dairy industry, Arrabawn is set to introduce an innovative heat battery technology, a first of its kind both in Ireland and within the Food & Dairy sector globally.

This multi-million-euro investment project is not just a leap in industrial heating and smart grid innovation in Ireland, but it also promises significant carbon savings. The technology demonstrates the potential for wide-scale application in sectors traditionally challenging to decarbonise, especially those requiring high-temperature heat.

The innovative RedoxBlox system’s electricity consumption will be controlled through VIOTAS’ Demand Response platform which will ensure it consumes at the optimal times when there is high renewable generation on the grid. By harnessing renewable electricity, the system facilitates thermochemical energy storage, releasing stored energy as heat when demand necessitates. As this heat can be delivered at very high temperatures it can serve as a direct replacement for natural gas in industrial heat.

Director of Innovation at VIOTAS, Robert Flanagan said “We see growing opportunities to make smart use of excess renewables on the Irish power grid. This project is a great opportunity to make use of renewable electricity to decarbonize heat while also providing valuable flexibility services to the power grid

The project underlines Ireland’s commitment to cutting-edge renewable energy solutions and sets a global precedent in the sustainable transformation of the food and dairy industry. The collaborative effort between ArrabawnRedoxBloxClimeaction, and VIOTAS is a testament to the power of partnership in driving forward the green revolution.

This commitment to benefit partners and contribute to the broader energy landscape underscores VIOTAS’s dedication to advancing sustainable energy solutions. VIOTAS looks forward to contributing to the success of this transformative project, providing valuable Demand Response solutions that align with Ireland’s broader goals for a cleaner, more sustainable energy landscape. As the project progresses, VIOTAS remains dedicated to advancing the conversation around sustainable energy and playing a vital role in shaping the future of the energy landscape.

VIOTAS specialise in developing and implementing Demand Response solutions that contribute to grid resilience. Thanks to VIO Link, our advanced demand response technology, your business can access the fastest and most lucrative market products and future-proof against greater demand response performance requirements. Our recent collaboration with Arrabawn helped them gain access to the DS3 System Services market with fully automatic and reliable participation of their chilled water compressors.