VIOTAS & WEL Networks Partnering in New Zealand's Instantaneous Reserves Market
Wed, 31st May 2023

VIOTAS & WEL Networks Partnering in New Zealand’s Instantaneous Reserves Market

WEL Networks is the fifth largest electricity distribution company in New Zealand, serving the northern and central Waikato region. The business had been seeking a technology platform with integrated services to help provide increased capacity and visibility of instantaneous reserves (IR). IR are an important security product that ensure electricity demand can continue to be met in the event of unplanned supply interruptions.

WEL Networks undertook an extensive investigation of providers and technology options throughout 2022. VIOTAS, after having recently entered the Australian energy market, was approached due to having one of the few globally available solutions capable to participate in the Australian National Electricity Market (NEM) frequency services markets. After a thorough phase of testing, WEL Networks found the VIOTAS solution to be highly versatile and well suited to New Zealand’s IR requirements, with significant customer benefits.

VIOTAS is now supporting WEL Networks with the required hardware, software and training to allow the New Zealand energy business the freedom to manage all aspects of customer sourcing, technology installation and maintenance.

VIOTAS and WEL Networks Partner In New Zealand

According to Garth Dibley, Chief Executive of WEL Networks “we decided on VIOTAS as the preferred supplier due to their advanced technology, the speed of operation and most of all, the real time demand insights it provides to operational staff.” Duncan O’Toole, Commercial Director at VIOTAS Ireland noted “VIOTAS’ technology and services are second to none and will ensure WEL Network customers enjoy the rewards of participating in the electricity market while giving WEL Networks a platform that provides real time insights into the capacity of IR they have available.”