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Balancing Power

We help large businesses generate revenue and achieve their sustainability goals through smart electricity management and demand response services

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Will your business help Beat the Peak?

Smart electricity management that makes business sense

Move your business from being a passive consumer of electricity to an active contributor. Partnering with VIOTAS transforms your business’ electricity into an additional revenue stream for enabling renewable energy to be used on the grid.

24/7 Support

Fully Managed

Fast Response


Improved Reporting

What can VIOTAS do for my business?

VIOTAS market-leading technologies allow your organization to take full advantage of Frequency and Demand Response services and get paid. Not only are you adding another revenue stream to your bottom line, you’re also enabling more sustainable and renewable energy usage.

Generate additional revenue

Achieve your CSR & sustainability goals

Smart reporting of your electricity usage

Create a sustainable future that makes business sense

Find out if your business is a fit for Demand Response

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