Tue, 13th Dec 2022

Will your Business Help Beat the Peak this Winter?

Ireland is facing generation shortages this winter meaning we face a heightened risk that the supply of power won’t keep pace with demand this winter. Your business can help and get paid to Beat the Peak with VIOTAS.

VIOTAS is working with ESB Networks on the Beat the Peak initiative. Beat the Peak enables businesses and organisations to help reduce national electricity usage at critical times and get paid in return.

The scheme is designed for medium-to-large energy users who can help reduce electricity demand at peak hours. Voluntary participation will only be between 4:30pm and 7pm Monday to Friday. Over the course of the winter during these specific time periods, ESB Networks will issue advance notifications to participating businesses, asking them to take action to reduce their electricity demand during this specific period.

Businesses wishing to participate and who meet the eligibility criteria, will be enabled to provide demand response capabilities to help beat the peak this winter and get paid in return. There will be no penalties if participants cannot reduce their electricity demand, however, extra financial incentive is rewarded for consistently high performance.





  1. A simple registration on this page or click the green button below to see if your business is a fit. No commitment required.
  2. Our team will let you know if your business is a suitable participant.
  3. Once signed up, your business will receive a message asking to drop your load at peak hours.
  4. There is no penalty if you’re unable to respond!
  5. For participating, your business will start to receive payments for any savings made.

Don’t delay. If your business would like to be part of the effort to stabilise the Irish grid this winter, register now with VIOTAS for a zero-commitment review so you can start earning sooner.