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Significantly reduce carbon impact

Manufacturing medicinal and pharmaceutical products can be particularly energy intensive. Processing, cleanrooms, lighting, heating and ventilation all add to a plant’s carbon footprint as well as having a significant financial impact.  

Due to the critical nature of producing large batches of life saving medicines and products, pharma companies typically have back-up energy assets in place, to ensure secure and reliable power for manufacturing. Some of these assets – standby generators, batteries and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), are ideal sources to provide Security of Supply for the national power system when it’s needed, via Demand Response services. 

In doing so, pharma companies become energy providers to the grid and enable more renewable electricity to be consumed, all while benefiting from a new revenue stream for the business. This additional revenue source has the added benefit of helping depreciating assets to pay for themselves.

Examples of how our customers participate

Mining & Quarrying

Data Centres

Cold Store



Food & Dairy

Water Treatment


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Fully Managed Demand Response

Our highly experienced engineers will help leverage and optimise your site’s existing assets for Demand Response participation. We have a proven track record of creating bespoke solutions for mission critical businesses and can deploy across multiple sites if required. Expect end-to-end expert support every step of the way and zero impact to your business continuity.

How it works

Our specialist team will expertly plan, implement, roll-out and support your participation in the electricity market.

How it works 1b

VIOTAS onboards and tests your suitable sites.

Our expert team will onboard and test your sites with minimal interruption.​

How it works 2b

Join the energy market and play your part in supporting renewable energy and offsetting carbon emissions.​

When the grid requires Demand or Frequency Response support, VIOTAS enables your sites to participate.

How it works 3b

Get paid for supporting the grid in times of need.​

Monthly payments with no CAPEX or OPEX investments.

24/7 Support




Looking Into Microscope

The VIOTAS team delivered on their promise; to project manage the installation and commissioning of their VIO Link equipment within our Good Manufacturing Practices environment. They did this whilst engaging multiple internal and external stakeholders, constrained by a compressed project delivery timeline.

This process ran very smoothly, a theme that has continued with VIOTAS throughout the operational phase

Electrical Engineer, Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Ireland.

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