March 24, 2021


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Mannok, formerly Quinn Building Products, manufactures an extensive range of products for the construction sector that spans the manufacture of cement, concrete products, and insulation.  It has been hugely successful for almost 50 years and is recognised as one of the largest and leading manufactures of building and packaging products in Ireland, distributing its products throughout Ireland and Great Britain.

Mannok has gained international recognition in recent years for its development of sustainable products and solutions in the pursuit of environmental excellence.  It is continuously investing in product development, service enhancement, and the use of innovative technological solutions.

To further uphold the principles of sustainability throughout every part of Mannok’s business, it has been making its large flexible electrical loads available to provide Demand Response to EirGrid, the Irish Market Operator, over the past number of years.

However, Mannok wanted to do more to be part of Ireland’s continued journey to higher levels of renewable power.  Due to Mannok’s involvement in Demand Side Flexibility Services, it was keenly aware of the newly introduced DS3 System Services Market and was looking for a partner that could strike the right balance between maximising financial return and minimising operational impact. 

In mid-2019, Mannok turned to VIOTAS as it needed an experienced and trusted partner that could deliver the technical expertise and technology that it needed to provide Frequency Response services in EirGrid’s DS3 System Service Market. 


Our technical sales team engaged with Mannok to understand its business and what it wanted to achieve from its new Demand Side Flexibility provider.  Mannok was clear that it wanted to ensure business continuity and minimal operational impact throughout the equipment installation and commissioning phase. VIOTAS undertook a comprehensive technical investigation from which we delivered a complete integration plan. 

The VIOTAS team project managed this from design to installing and commissioning over 20 metering points and associated control equipment in a complex environment on time and without any operational impact to Mannok. 

Upon completion of the commissioning phase, Mannok’s site successfully completed the market compliance tests and was able to participate, for the first time, across the full spectrum of Demand Side Flexibility services in the Irish electricity market.  The frequency response capability of our VioLink technology has ensured that Mannok receives the highest Frequency Response payments on offer.  VIOTAS enables Mannok’s flexible loads to respond within 150 milliseconds of a frequency event on the power system.

Through our partnership, VIOTAS is now responsible for enabling over 20MW of Mannok’s flexible electrical loads to assist with the balancing and stabilisation of the Irish power system.   Our VioLink technology releases these loads to the power system in less than 150 milliseconds providing maximum technical benefit to the power system and maximum financial benefit to Mannok.


Rewarding & trusted partnership across 2 jurisdictions
Seamless integration of technology in multiple facilities
Maximised monthly payments for Frequency Response

“As a large energy user, who is in pursuit of environmental excellence through our product development, we wanted to do more to support carbon reduction and boost renewable utilisation nationally. I engaged with VIOTAS Technical Sales to understand how Mannok could become an active grid participant by using our large flexible loads to provide Frequency Response service to the Irish grid. VIOTAS had the knowledge to provide me with the market details, road map, and confidence to proceed with our ambition to participate in the Frequency Response Market”.

Donal O’Rourke – Procurement Director

“My main concern for the delivery of this project was to ensure there was no operational risk during the installation and commissioning of the VIOTAS equipment. The VIOTAS Field Operations team presented me with a comprehensive project plan that provided the assurance that they had the technical expertise to effectively deliver the technology needed in a safe, timely, and controlled manner. VIOTAS has continued to deliver an excellent support service through the operational phase”.

Michael McDonnell – Maintenance Manager

“I see two clear benefits for Mannok participating in Demand Side Flexibility services with VIOTAS. Firstly, it supports our Corporate Social Responsibility goals.  Secondly, it delivers a significant revenue for the business that can be used to deliver more sustainability and efficiency projects for our business. Our partnership with VIOTAS was made easy by a very open and transparent contracting process, led by VIOTAS’s Commercial Director”.

Dara O’Reilly – Chief Financial Officer

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