Fri, 15th Dec 2023

VIOTAS 2023: A Decade of Growth and Innovation

In 2023, VIOTAS celebrated a decade of innovation and growth during which we transformed from a small but ambitious team of 4 to become a global player in the energy sector, with over 100 energy-sector experts across IrelandAustraliaPoland and the USA. Our clients, team, and partners have been the backbone of our success to date and continue to inspire and motivate our ambition to grow the range of opportunities we deliver worldwide.

Thank you for partnering on our journey to decarbonise power grids worldwide! 

This year, VIOTAS Ireland clients have helped the grid to use over 11 GWh of wind energy that would otherwise have gone to waste, while also significantly contributing to grid stability and energy security when generation levels were at their lowest. 

Our new asset development programme will support the funding of innovative energy projects, including battery storage and biofuel generation, to boost our client’s business resilience while helping to secure the wider power system. 

In Australia, our cutting-edge VIO Link technology enabled our clients to double their revenue overnight with the introduction of R1S, Australia’s fastest frequency response service to date. VIOTAS technology has our clients covered for even faster services as they come online in the years to come. 

Our international presence is expanding, and the granting of our first US Patents and a number of international trademarks are hints to where you will find us next. 

Follow us for more updates and be part of our journey towards a greener tomorrow. 

Established in Limerick, Ireland in 2013, VIOTAS set about designing and delivering new innovations to address the challenges posed by increased renewable generation in electrical grids: How can a grid be balanced when a large amount of electricity is coming from unpredictable renewable sources that are difficult to forecast and that change the fundamental principles of how grids operate?

In response, VIOTAS developed proprietary technologies that place electricity customers at the core of the solution. By managing their electricity consumption and onsite generation in real-time, VIOTAS help balance the wider electricity grid. The company then aggregates participating customers to form Virtual Power Plants which are traded in the electricity market, competing against conventional fossil fuel power stations. This approach not only generates significant revenue for participating customers but also contributes to reducing carbon emissions. With a global expansion strategy, VIOTAS, currently with over 110 staff, operates in Ireland, Poland, USA, Australia and New Zealand.