Steps challenge featured image
Thu, 16th May 2024

VIOTAS 2024 Steps Challenge Journey

At VIOTAS, every step counts, especially when it raises money for charities across four countries.

Over the past four weeks (from Mar 29 to April 26, 2024), our global team has impressively taken 22,981,271 steps, covering a distance of 18,384.97 kilometres. That is a lot of steps and it got us thinking what this means in terms of energy? Those steps equate to approximately 919,250 calories burned. Imagine the possibilities:

At VIOTAS, thanks to our Demand Response technology, we can deploy the equivalent energy in just a matter of seconds – while facilitating the transition to a low-carbon power system, ensuring our footprint remains as light as our steps. Starting from our headquarters in Ireland, the 18,384.97 kilometres achieved not only showcases our team’s dedication but also surpasses the distance needed to connect all our offices around the globe – from Krakow (Poland) to Houston (US) and all the way to Melbourne (Australia). Just as our steps bridge continents, VIOTAS technology bridges the gap between demand and supply, ensuring renewable energy is delivered efficiently and sustainably across the globe.

Join us as we continue to innovate in the energy sector, proving that small steps can lead to significant impacts. At VIOTAS, we’re not just walking; we’re paving the way toward a sustainable and efficient energy future.

In our Step Challenge 2024, participants will be raising money with the help of online fundraisers/friends/family.
All money raised will be matched by VIOTAS with up to €100 / AUD$165 / 430zl / USD$110 per participant.

Our chosen charities for this year are:
Ireland: Mid-Western Cancer Foundation
Poland: Alma Spei Hospicjum dla Dzieci
Australia: Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders)
US: Houston Hospice